3-13-2013JosephTXService tech diagnosed problem w*bake relay.
3-13-2013RB270PXYB-0DavidCABake function not working.
3-12-2013LeishaTXnot heating to temp
3-12-2013RM770PXBB2PaulMSF3 error code, will not heat.
3-12-2013RM765PXBB2EdwardTXoven quit in self clean cycle. blank display
3-11-2013RB270PXYBPhilipTXF3 error code after heating.
3-11-2013RB160PXBB2TechTXBake button not always, temp up*down not working.
3-11-2013RS69PXBB3TerriAZ"Oven does not warm up
3-8-2013RF396PXYNCharlesMDPower surge.
3-8-2013RB260PXYBTechNENot holding temperature.
3-8-2013TyeWARepair newest of 2 enclosed boards. Keep 2nd board.
3-8-2013RS6755XYW0PeterVAbake element doesnt come on, wont reach set temp.
3-7-2013RB270PXBB0ToddMOBake won't stay on. Check ribbon cable connector.
3-7-2013RM770PXBB2FredTXOven is totally dead after a self-clean cycle. Breaker and microwave are OK
3-7-2013RB260PXYQ0DanCABottom heat not working. Possible bad relay.
3-7-2013JohnTXOven won't heat to temperature
3-6-2013RB260PXYBLindaOKNot holding temperature. Broken terminal on relay.
3-6-2013GaryTNService tech diagnosed problem w*bake relay.
3-6-2013JoeTXDoesn't heat properly, board buzzes.
3-6-2013RB770PXYB5TechTXF1, F3