3-15-2013KSSC48QMS01ScottTXdispenser will dispense ice but not water
3-15-2013KSSC4SQMSTechfan went out. over heated compressor.
3-14-2013KSSC42FMS02TechCAMakes "door open" beeping sound and display is off.
3-14-2013TechCOno information provided
3-14-2013KSSC48FMS01TechNYunit does not run. no lights or display, rattles
3-14-2013KSSO42FMX01TechGAnot cooling. not coming on defrost
3-13-2013KBLC36FMS01TechTXDisplay goes off and on intermittently. No condensor or evap motor.
3-13-2013KSSO48QMB01TechFLunit not cooling
3-13-2013KSCS25INSS01JohnTXcondenser fan motor not running
3-13-2013KSS048FMX03ChrisTXdoes not cool, displays flashing red light.
3-12-2013KSSP48QMS01TechTXmain board failed.
3-12-2013KCS525INSS01TechTXNot kicking on the condenser fan motor.
3-12-2013KSSC48QMS02BillTX"flashing "call service" and beeping. intermittent compressor. Jumper notes: Jumper P1: 1-2
3-12-2013KSSC48QMS03TechTXevap fan not at constant speed- pulsing, display flashing, relay clicking, low voltage compressor.
3-11-2013KBLC36FMS01TechPANot coming on. Damico.
3-11-2013KSSS42FMX01TechTXNot cooling, fan motors not coming on.
3-11-2013KSSC42QMS01LeeFLEvaporator motor goes on and off, display control goes on and off as well.
3-11-2013KSC525INSS00TechCANo power to compressor, condenser fan motor, or evaporator fan motor. No signal to display. Control to be rebuilt.
3-8-2013TechTXMakes beeping noise, fridge powers up then shuts off.
3-8-2013TechMIevap fan intermittent.
3-8-2013KSSC48QMS02TechAZunit is not cooling.
3-8-2013KSSC48FMS01TechTXDisplay goes off & on, evap motor not running.
3-7-2013KSSS48QM8301TechNVUnit not coming on.
3-7-2013TechTXno power to condenser fan
3-7-2013KSSC48QMS01TechTXevap fan not running, only pulsing. freeze display flashing '10-5', replaced fan motor and then it flashed '10-6'. would not go into diagnostics - began beeping constantly.
3-7-2013KBLO36FMX01TechTXdisplay not properly functioning
3-6-2013KBRC36FMS02JohnTXcondenser fan stopped. display flickers
3-6-2013KSSC36FMS03TechORwill lose voltage after 13 min
3-6-2013KSSC42FMS01TechTXbeeping & not cooling