3-25-2013TechCODisplay is so dim it's not visible.
3-25-2013RDF30RSKevinWAWill not heat above 200 F.
3-25-2013RDDS30RVSRayWAOven doesn't heat.
3-25-2013TechCO"needs to be rebuilt"
3-22-2013RDFS30RSJONNo display, oven does not work.
3-22-2013RDSS30QBDonTNno display. blow out on relay board. no response from buttons
3-22-2013RDSS30GregoryMADiagnose an repair if necessary. May need expedited shipping.
3-22-2013RDS30VChesterGADisplay not functioning properly, bake heats top element, convection not working.
3-21-2013RDSS30QWRuthMAno temp display
3-21-2013RDSS30QTechTXDisplay dim no heat
3-21-2013RDDS30CameronWADim display, oven does not heat.
3-21-2013RDDS30VRSTechINDim display, not sure about oven temps.
3-20-2013RED30VHaroldWADisplay was dim, now dark. No functionality.
3-20-2013RDSS30RSTechMDNo Information Provided
3-20-2013RDF30CaseyNYLights on display are dim, oven heats up beyond selected temp.
3-20-2013RDDS30VQWGeoffWAConvection fan still enabled after self clean. Door latch engaged. Display reading ( :-1, :-2 )
3-19-2013RED30VRSChrisTXOven won't heat.
3-19-2013RDDS30VPSJohnCAWill not heat, dim display.
3-19-2013DanaORoven wont reach set temperature
3-19-2013RDFS30QWTechNCneither bake or broil work
3-18-2013RDSS30David SWADisplay dimmed out, now no functionality.
3-18-2013RDF30QBDouglasNYDisplay dim. No functions.
3-18-2013AnnMAbroiler not working.
3-18-2013RDF30QWTechNCDisplay is so dim it's not visible.
3-15-2013RDSS30StuartMAbake element not heating
3-15-2013RDSS30MattNVDisplay, clock and oven not working.
3-15-2013RDDS30VRSRosemarieMEK1 relay stuck on.
3-15-2013TechCAdim display
3-14-2013RDF30RSTechTXNo display. Clock, touchpad, 2 relay boards.
3-14-2013RDDS30VRSBonnieIDoven not heating up - elements are verified to be good.
3-14-2013RED30VRSDavidTXDisplay too dim to read.
3-14-2013RED30VQWTechVTUnit is dead.
3-13-2013RDSS30QTomMADisplay dim. Oven does not reach temperature.
3-13-2013TechORblank display, not responsive to commands
3-13-2013RDFS30LouisILF1 Error Code
3-13-2013RDSS30RSLemoisALNo display, won't control oven.
3-12-2013RDDS30VRS/02FDDawnCAWill not heat. Bartell's Repair diagnosed to relay.
3-12-2013RDDS30VTomNCcontroller suddenly stopped working
3-12-2013RDDS30VRSNancyWADisplay failed after bake elemet blew out and caused lights to flicker.
3-12-2013RDF30QBJohn ANCNo display, non-functional oven.
3-11-2013RDDS30VRSBrian A.ORFailed after pressing bake.
3-11-2013REF30QSLarryCAno display
3-11-2013RDFS30KenWIwont heat above 120, constant clicking at that point
3-8-2013TechILCannot read the temperature numbers.
3-8-2013RDDS30VRS/03SDTechCAControl board bad.
3-8-2013TechMDcomplaining that can't scroll temp up and oven "stops" in middle of bake cycle
3-7-2013RDDS30VRSFDSergeyGABake wont come on
3-7-2013TechCONot holding temp.
3-7-2013RED30VQWTomMAF1 error code, intermittent, burns food.
3-7-2013RDFS30QSJohnWADisplay was dim, no Broil. Would like EXPRESS delivery back.
3-6-2013TechPACustomer: Howard Kailes. Display too dim to read
3-6-2013RDF30QWRichardWAoven doesnt reach temperature. intermittently shuts off
3-6-2013RED30VQBTechVAdoesn't control all functions, goes dead. intermittent problem.
3-6-2013RDF30QBWillilamNHCannot see display, get error code.
3-5-2013RES30QWTomILblank display
3-5-2013RDFS30MattNYStove top works but oven doesn't heat up-control panel display shows default start temperature but doesn't go higher (because oven isn't heating).
3-5-2013RDFS30AnthonyCAF1 error code.
3-5-2013RED30VRSJohnPABake element does not heat.
3-4-2013RDDS30VRyanSCBake not working, element checks ok.
3-4-2013RayWAcame home a couple days ago and there was nothing no clock no oven no nothiing.
3-4-2013RDF30RSBruceVAGradual degradation. F1.
3-4-2013RES30QWTechNYBoard not working.