3-13-2013S136DougNCModule display is black, range works except when timer is required.
3-13-2013S160DavidOHCenter control won't set timer or clock, side buttons intermittent.
3-13-2013TechTXtouch pad isnt responding, Unit beeps constantly & timer doesnt work
3-12-20135136BrianOHNo clock display.
3-12-2013LammaliMonteregieBroil, bake, and clean don't work, not coming up to temp.
3-12-2013JENNAIR SEG196BevanVAClock control stopped working. No time display or timer functionality. No delay cook functionality.
3-12-2013S160TechCAShaft broke on control.
3-11-2013S160LavaneNJ"none of the 3 buttons work
3-11-2013SEG196FrederickPAcontrol for self clean doesnt work, buzzer*alarm sound is barely audible
3-11-2013SEG196AmyTNtiming mechanism doesnt work
3-11-2013S136WTechLAwont go into self clean