3-13-2013MER6770AAWSherryPAfault codes from top and bottom ovens
3-12-2013HarryNYDisplay went blank.
3-12-2013MER6770AAWHanksFLError F1-23
3-12-2013MER6770AAWE.INLower oven will not heat.
3-12-2013MER6770AAQBrianMIShorted while changing broiler element. Clock went blank.
3-11-2013MER6770CharlieTXF1 error code.
3-11-2013MER6770AAWJenniferWAF1-1 and F3-1 error codes.
3-11-2013MER6770AAWKevinNVSuddenly blank.
3-11-2013MER6770AAWChristopherNJF1-1 and F3-1 (intermittent) error codes.
3-8-2013MER6770AABKathleen NVHeats up to temp then gives F1-1 error, top oven light comes on by itself.
3-8-2013MER6770AABDavidCOF1 error code, customer said it started right after self clean cycle was done.
3-8-2013MER6770AAWDoug and ShelleySDF1-1 flashed. Sensor replaced.
3-8-2013MER6770AACRobinFLerror code F1-8, happened after cleaning stovetop.